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Our mission is to secure blockchains and protocols through robust agent and scenario based simulations.

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Runtime Simulations

Agent and Scenario Based Simulations

  • Teams can build private or open sourced agents (think AWS lambdas) which execute arbitrary sequences (chunks of code) and that can be easily configurable or personalized on a use case basis.
  • Chaos is building a shared catalogue so teams can leverage common templates and functionalities.
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Chaos Collateral
at Risk

Visualize and Simulate Cross-protocol Lending Positions

  • Monitor all of your collateralized debt positions across multiple protocols in real-time to mitigate the risk of liquidation
  • CCAR allows sophisticated investors to build confidence in volatile crypto markets with real-time simulations of LP positions in wide-ranging market environments
  • Scenario analysis on at-risk positions for proactive risk management
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Chaos Collateral at Risk Dashboard

Liquidity Incentives

Drive maximum economic impact with on-chain incentive programs

  • Redirect liquidity incentives to pools, assets, and pairs where it will be most impactful for protocol growth
  • Compare volumes, incentives, market share, and more across various competing protocols to stay ahead of the market in the competition for liquidity
  • Vulnerability and manipulation testing for existing program methodologies
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Liquidity Incentives Optimization Dashboard

Asset Listing Portal

Accurately Assess and Monitor Risk for New Asset Support

  • Automate risk assessment for new asset support on DeFi protocols to better understand and define risk borne by protocol stakeholders
  • Quickly update risk parameters for supported assets based on real-time market conditions
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Asset Listing Portal Dashboard

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Protocol users deserve the best-in-class tools

  • We work with protocols to automate risk management, optimize capital efficiency, and battle test protocols through the most chaotic (🤗) market conditions.
  • We work with teams across all sizes and stages. Let's connect and start building your protocols security and risk stack.
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