Industry Leading Risk Management, Economic Security, and Incentive Optimization

Chaos Labs' platform revolutionizes on-chain risk management, security, and incentive strategies by automating real-time protocol parameter recommendations, utilizing sophisticated data analytics, modeling, and simulations.

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Risk Management

Elevating Mechanism Design and Parameter Optimization.

  • Shield your protocol from market risks and safeguard user funds via an in-depth mechanism design and economic security analysis, uncovering mechanism flaws and affirming sound design choices.
  • Reinforce your protocol's capacity to withstand market volatility with dynamic, data-driven risk parameters, constantly optimized to address evolving market conditions effectively.
  • Upgrade your protocol's risk management with dedicated support provided by Chaos Labs, specifically designed to meet your protocol's unique requirements.
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Risk management dashboard

Monitoring & Alerting

Advanced Observability Unlocks Proactive Threat Detection.

  • The Chaos Labs Protocol Risk Portal equips your team with sophisticated monitoring and observability capabilities, revealing key information about position and protocol health.
  • Real-time alerting during times of elevated stress provides crucial, timely information, allowing for rapid response to safeguard protocol health and user funds.
  • Ensure your oracle systems are safeguarded with the Chaos Labs Oracle Risk Portal, focusing on real-time tracking and efficiently mitigating oracle price degradation, downtime, and targeted manipulation efforts.
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Monitoring & Alerting

Protocol Growth

Drive Maximum Economic Impact with On-chain Incentive Programs.

  • Develop a customized liquidity incentive program aligned with your platform's objectives, fostering long-term growth and enhanced user participation.
  • Offer liquidity providers an accessible way to understand the influence of incentive adjustments on their earnings.
  • Identify wash trading activity on your platform to optimally inform the allocation of incentives and rewards to your community.
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Protocol Growth

Recent Updates

Cover Image for dYdX Chain: End of Season 3 Launch Incentive Analysis

dYdX Chain: End of Season 3 Launch Incentive Analysis

Chaos Labs presents a comprehensive review of the third trading season on the dYdX Chain. The analysis encompasses all facets of exchange performance, emphasizing the impact of the Launch Incentive Program.

Omer Goldberg
Omer Goldberg
Cover Image for Introducing Aave's Chaos Labs Risk Oracles

Introducing Aave's Chaos Labs Risk Oracles

In the fast-paced and volatile environment of DeFi, managing risk parameters across Aave's extensive network—spanning over ten deployments, hundreds of markets, and thousands of variables such as Supply and Borrow Caps, Liquidation Thresholds, Loan-to-Value ratios, Liquidation Bonuses, Interest Rates, and Debt Ceilings—has evolved into a critical, yet resource-intensive, full-time endeavor. Chaos Labs aims to streamline this paradigm by integrating Risk Oracles to automate and optimize the risk management process, achieving scalability and near-real-time risk adjustment capabilities.

Omer Goldberg
Omer Goldberg
Cover Image for Oracle Risk and Security Standards: Network Architectures and Topologies (Pt. 2)

Oracle Risk and Security Standards: Network Architectures and Topologies (Pt. 2)

Oracle Network Architecture and Topologies provides a detailed examination of how Oracle Networks are structured, data’s complex journey from source to application, and the inherent security and risk considerations within these systems. Through a deep dive into architectures, the data supply chain, and network topology, readers will understand the critical components that ensure the functionality and reliability of Oracles in DeFi, providing context for the challenges and innovative solutions that define the landscape.

Omer Goldberg
Omer Goldberg
Cover Image for Next Generation of NFT Derivatives: Chaos Labs Partners with nftperp

Next Generation of NFT Derivatives: Chaos Labs Partners with nftperp

We are excited to announce the Chaos Labs and nftperp partnership, which aims to pioneer the risk management framework for ongoing parameter optimizations for nftperp’s Perpetual trading DEX.

Omer Goldberg
Omer Goldberg

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