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Chaos Labs is the first automated, on-chain economic security system enabling crypto protocols to optimize risk management and capital efficiency while protecting user funds.

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Risk Management

Prepare and protect against real market risk using Chaos Labs’ simulations and automated risk suite to safeguard user funds.

  • Utilize world-class simulations to optimize parameters and ensure the safety of user funds.
  • Access a comprehensive understanding of your protocol and unlock insights into each user account.
  • Confidently onboard new assets by automating the collection and analysis of key markets data around assets.
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Risk management dashboard

Incentive Optimization

Drive maximum economic impact with on-chain incentive programs.

  • Boost your Total Value Locked (TVL) by optimizing fees and incentives.
  • Verify your capital allocation strategy via Chaos Labs, allowing you to empower your community.
  • Provide targeted incentives and long-term rewards for sustainable growth and user engagement.
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Chaos Labs Liquidity Incentives Optimization Dashboard


Chaos Labs’ state of the art blockchain simulation technology.

  • Test theoretical attack vectors in a real-world environment using live agents and mainnet code.
  • Validate your assumptions and downstream impacts with high scale, multi-agent simulations.
  • Trust that what you’re building will withstand market-based attacks in any environment.
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Recent updates

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Cover Image for Chaos Labs Partners with Ostium

Chaos Labs Partners with Ostium

Omer Goldberg
Omer Goldberg

Chaos Labs will work closely with Ostium Protocol to improve their mechanism design and create a risk modeling and monitoring system. The partnership will prioritize the system's robustness and secure functioning, helping bridge the gap between on-chain trading and off-chain asset offerings.

Cover Image for GMX V2 Risk Portal Product Launch

GMX V2 Risk Portal Product Launch

Omer Goldberg
Omer Goldberg

Chaos Labs is excited to launch the GMX V2 Synthetics Risk Hub, expanding our existing V1 GLP Risk Hub to provide complete coverage, including all protocol versions.

Cover Image for Chaos Labs Partners with Ethena Labs for Mechanism Design, Economic Security and Risk Optimization

Chaos Labs Partners with Ethena Labs for Mechanism Design, Economic Security and Risk Optimization

Omer Goldberg
Omer Goldberg

Chaos Labs is partnering with Ethena Labs to fortify mechanism design and develop risk frameworks for the novel protocol. This collaboration is set to amplify the economic security and robustness of Ethena's innovative stablecoin, USDe.

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