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Omer Goldberg

Chaos Labs Launches Benqi Risk Dashboard

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  1. 🔍 Overview
  2. Goals 🏆
    1. Platform Deep Dive 📊 💻
    2. Overview
    3. Assets
    4. Wallets
    5. Liquidations
    6. Risk
  3. What's next? ⏭️

🔍 Overview

We are excited to announce the launch of Benqi’s Collateral at Risk Dashboard. Benqi is one of the most prominent lending protocols on Avalanche and the primary provider of liquid staking on the network and we are proud to empower its community with advanced tools to improve the user experience while giving users transparency about their account state and health.

Goals 🏆

This application focuses on collateral at risk and user metrics using real-time data, assisting in understanding the value at risk across the protocol as well as APY earned and paid over time. Using this dashboard, the Benqi community can make informed decisions around their personal and protocol-wide positions.

Let's break down the application functionality by reviewing what it can do:

Platform Deep Dive 📊 💻


This page is an overview of some of the protocol’s key metrics

  • Value Eligible for Liquidation - total value in positions with health less than 1
  • Total Collateral At Risk - total value in positions with health between 1 and 1.5
  • Protocol Health - protocol’s supply-to-borrow ratio


Users can use the Assets page to learn about all supported assets on the protocol and their usage across the protocol.

Users can click on specific assets to learn more about them! Here, users are able to monitor and search for any wallet holding the asset. This can allow for deeper research into accounts and see how they interact with Benqi.

In addition, users can also see collateral at risk for the specified asset. This shows them the value at risk of liquidation (in USD) if prices deviate up or down. Users can also observe a visualization showing the given asset's top suppliers.


The Wallets page aggregates all accounts that have ever interacted with the Benqi protocol. Users can use this view to learn how other players interact with the protocol.

When clicking into a wallet, we can see a profile with a detailed breakdown of its current Benqi positions:


This page displays in-depth liquidation data for users to monitor the health of the protocol and its liquidation flows over time. This data includes:

  • Number of liquidations recorded
  • Liquidations over time
  • Recent liquidation events


Users can use the Risk page to assess the current risk of the protocol. This page provides visualizations of:

  • Health distribution of wallets with the largest borrow or supply positions
  • implications of AVAX price drop on the number of liquidations in the protocol

What's next? ⏭️

We hope the Benqi Collateral at Risk dashboard will be impactful for the Benqi and Avalanche communities!

We would love to hear your feedback or questions on this tool, especially regarding metrics you think would be valuable to include - please let us know a