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Omer Goldberg

Chaos Labs releases the dYdX Perpetual Funding Rate App

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  1. 🔍 Overview
  2. 📉 Perpetual Funding Rate Application
  3. ⏭️ What's next?
  4. About the dYdX Grant Program

🔍 Overview

As a passionate DeFi contributor, Chaos Labs is always excited to partner with top DeFi protocols. dYdX is the leading decentralized exchange that supports perpetuals and is a leader in the space. As part of our commitment and mission to drive DeFi adoption, Chaos Labs builds and publishes open-source tools for the larger developer ecosystem. Today, we have releasing the dYdX Perpetual Funding Rate Page.

📉 Perpetual Funding Rate Application

A stand-alone web application that shows:

  • real-time funding rates across active markets with popular timeframe adjustments (ie. 1-day, 7-day. 30day)
  • real-time order book for all listed assets
  • real-time pricing charts

The idea here is to provide an alternative client for traders, thus giving more optionality to the dYdX community. Additionally, this has been optimized for mobile devices so users can keep track of rates on the go.

⏭️ What's next?

We're building a LOT more for the dYdX community! Be on the lookout as we release new tools and products for the ecosystem 😎

About the dYdX Grant Program

If you want to learn more about the dYdX Grants Program, check out their blog.