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Chaos Labs Mission Statement

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  1. Introducing Chaos Labs 💥 😎 🎊
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Introducing Chaos Labs 💥 😎 🎊

Decentralized blockchain applications introduce a myriad of technical challenges, security vulnerabilities and attack vectors.

With DeFi (decentralized finance) protocols now securing hundreds of billions in value in production, the stakes have never been higher. With new technological primitives and bustling innovation, new security paradigms are required. dApps leverage open source modules and often consume other protocols in order to create new applications. This introduces a dependency heavy software architecture which makes it an ideal candidate for runtime verification.

Chaos Labs is a cloud platform which enables teams to create high-fidelity agent and scenario-based simulations on mainnet forks, offering a real-world testing environment. By providing a rich library of customizable agents and scenarios, teams can rapidly speed up development and reduce their go-to-market time, helping them stay competitive without compromising on the security of their protocol.

Additionally, Chaos Labs focuses on developer tooling and cloud infrastructure, allowing teams to move fast on stable infrastructure. The platform is currently live for protocols on the Ethereum network and later expanding to additional blockchains such as Terra, NEAR and Polygon.

Mission Statement 💥 😎 🎊

Increase the Worldwide GDP of crypto through cutting edge infrastructure, tooling and security

Chaos Labs aims to increase the worldwide crypto GDP by building tools and infrastructure to increase the security and safety of blockchain applications. High quality, tested software applications will be mandatory in onboarding mainstream adoptions.

Join Our Mission ✨ 🚀 🎯

We're looking for the best and brightest minds to join our team. We're currently hiring for all positions. Please reach out to with any questions!