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Chaos Labs Open Sources dYdX Trading CLI

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  1. 🔍 Overview
  2. 💻 dYdX Trading CLI
  3. ⏭️ What's next?
  4. About the dYdX Grant Program

🔍 Overview

As a passionate DeFi contributor, Chaos Labs is always excited to partner with top DeFi protocols. dYdX is the leading decentralized exchange that supports perpetuals and is a leader in the space. As part of our commitment and mission to drive DeFi adoption, Chaos Labs builds and publishes open-source tools for the larger developer ecosystem. Today, we have published the dydx-trading-cli.

💻 dYdX Trading CLI

Our objective was to create a command-line interface that would allow users to access the full functionality of the protocol through the dYdX API. This includes actions such as:

  • Trade execution
  • Position Management
  • Risk assessment
  • Ability to fund existing accounts/positions

Having CLI tools is a great resource for the dYdX community, and is an excellent starting point for developers looking to interact with the protocol / API in a programmatic environment. PR's are encouraged 🤗.

⏭️ What's next?

We're building a LOT more for the dYdX community! Be on the lookout as we release new tools and products for the ecosystem.

About the dYdX Grant Program

If you want to learn more about the dYdX Grants Program, check out their blog.