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Omer Goldberg

Chaos Labs Osmosis Liquidity Incentives Portal Update

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  2. Work in progress 🏗️
  3. Pool Recommendations
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  5. Pool Detail Page
  6. What’s Next
  7. About the Osmosis Grant Program


Chaos Labs has received a grant from the Osmosis Grants Program to partner with Hathor Nodes to improve the Osmosis incentives program. Together we are evaluating how Osmosis can optimize Osmos distribution to drive user acquisition and exchange volume growth. The full grant details can be found in the following post.

In this post, we want to update on the ongoing work and show a sneak peek into the community-facing dashboards.

Work in progress 🏗️

For the past several weeks, the Chaos labs team has been collaborating with Hathor Nodes on implementing the new liquidity incentives recommendation logic and generating the data and APIs needed to calculate them.

In parallel, the Chaos Labs product team is working on two new publicly accessible dashboards, which will be used to share the incentives recommendations with the community and for each liquidity provider to monitor their projected APR change ahead of any incentives update.

We are excited to share the first look into these dashboards below.

Pool Recommendations

The Pool Recommendation Page below will show the data and configuration of a certain pool and highlights the recommendation of incentive allocations.

Liquidity Providers

In the page below, liquidity providers will be able to view current liquidity, volume, and APR data per pool and view the forecasted APR based on the proposed incentives for different pools.

Pool Detail Page

On the Pool page, users will be able to view live pool data alongside historical values of different metrics, including liquidity, volume, rewards, fees and more.

What’s Next

We are currently in the final stages of building the data pipelines and APIs and aggregating all relevant historical data to be used in the model and simulations for incentive distribution recommendations. Following the completion of the above, we will be able to feed the data and recommendations into the public-facing dashboards for improved community visibility. This will be the base for improving and automating the governance process concerning incentive adjustment proposals.

About the Osmosis Grant Program

If you want to learn more about the Osmosis Grants Program, check out their blog.