Omer Goldberg
Omer Goldberg

Chaos Labs Partners with Liquity Protocol

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    Liquity and Chaos Labs have announced a strategic collaboration centered around the development of Liquity v2, an upcoming, new Reserve-backed stablecoin protocol.

    Liquity, known for its pioneering work in the DeFi stablecoin sector, is pushing the boundaries of mechanism design. To ensure the robustness of its new approach, Liquity is seeking the support of Chaos Labs, a leader in DeFi Economic Security and Risk Optimization.

    Chaos Labs' simulation platform is renowned for replicating real-world scenarios, making it a critical tool for projects prioritizing security and efficiency. By collaborating with Chaos Labs, Liquity aims to harness this technology to inform economic design choices and enable data-driven decision-making for protocol configuration.

    "We're excited to be working with Chaos Labs," said Robert Lauko, Liquity Founder. "Their expertise in Economic Security, Risk Optimization, and DeFi simulations will be instrumental in ensuring a robust and secure protocol under various market conditions.

    Liquity and Chaos Labs look forward to sharing more about their research and simulation results that will guide the protocol's design.

    About Liquity: Liquity is a top 15 DeFi protocol on Ethereum known for its 0% interest loans. The Liquity protocol has managed more than 4.5bn in loans since its inception in 2021 and is home to LUSD – the largest crypto-native dollar in DeFi that is only backed by Ether.