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Seamless Risk Monitoring and Alerting Platform

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  1. Overview
  2. Chaos Labs’ Risk Monitoring and Alerting Platform
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Chaos Labs is excited to share our partnership with Seamless, centered around risk management and optimization, following their successful launch on Base.

Seamless Protocol is the inaugural native decentralized lending and borrowing protocol on Base. With its status as the largest app on Base in terms of TVL and user base, Seamless is pioneering DeFi. Its emphasis on enhancing DeFi infrastructure and user experience sets a new standard, aiming to attract a broader audience to decentralized finance.

Through our partnership, the Seamless community will gain access to Chaos Labs’ suite of risk management tools and simulation solutions. We're excited to bring our expertise to the Seamless ecosystem, furthering our commitment to advancing security and efficiency in DeFi.

Chaos Labs’ Risk Monitoring and Alerting Platform

Chaos’ advanced system provides comprehensive analytics and observability, offering the Seamless community a gateway to abundant data and risk intelligence associated with the protocol, all under one unified platform.

The Seamless Risk Platform is designed to provide users with a more profound understanding of the Seamless protocol's overall risk profile and health. This will support high-level decision-making processes by delivering critical data on protocol assets equipping users with the necessary information to make strategic and informed decisions. Moreover, the platform promises to provide fine-tuned insights into Seamless usage patterns, trends, and real-time data analysis.

Platform Deep Dive

Overview Page

The main section of the Risk Monitoring and Alerting platform provides a single pane of glass to high-level metrics aggregated across Seamless, including total supply, total borrow, TVL, the sum of collateral at risk of liquidation, and more.

Seamless Risk Portal Overview Page


The Assets page shows aggregated details for each asset, enabling a detailed understanding of the protocol exposure to any asset. Specifically, the Collateral at Risk and Wallets at Risk columns aggregate data from positions with low health values approaching liquidation. The table can be filtered and exported to CSV as needed.

Seamless Assets Hub

Clicking on any asset in this table opens the Asset Detailed view. This page consolidates all information about the market, including the borrow asset price, borrow and supply status, APYs, and collateral at risk - all with their 24h-trend-to-surface changes.

Seamless Asset Detail Page
The detailed view allows users to observe and search for any wallet holding the asset. This is useful for drilling into accounts to see how they interact with Seamless.
The Total Supply and Total Borrow charts show the amount of supply and borrowing of the assets over different timeframes.
Top Borrowers/Suppliers chart - showing wallets with the largest borrow/supply balance in a specific market or with a specific asset. The full borrow and supply balance is shown for each wallet, alongside its health score.
Users can also see the Collateral at Risk for the specified asset. This shows us the value to be liquidated (in USD) if prices deviate up or down. We can also observe a histogram of borrowers’ health, bucketed by their respective health scores.
The Recent Events table consolidates all events in this market and can be filtered to show only specific event types.


The wallets page presents a comprehensive table showcasing all Seamless protocol positions. Users can conveniently search for specific wallet addresses or leverage the advanced filtering functionality to filter wallets by liquidation risk level, supply, or borrow assets.

By selecting a specific row in the wallets page, users will be directed to the wallet detail page, which displays all supply and borrows positions for this account.

The Wallet Detail view gives a complete wallet breakdown, highlighting the users portfolio.
The wallet detail page shows recent events to get a detailed history for the selected wallet.


The liquidations page presents aggregated metadata on protocol liquidations, spanning 7, 30, and 90-day time frames. Users can filter and view results for specific assets using the Filter button.

The liquidation page offers a graphical representation of observed liquidation events.
The Recent Liquidation Events table displays relevant liquidation event data. Users can select a specific liquidation event, which will direct them to the Wallet Detail page of the corresponding account for a more detailed analysis.

Risk Explorer

The Risk Explorer allows users to explore different risk scenarios by simulating the effect of token price changes across the protocol. Users can simulate several asset price changes and see the protocol's impact.

The Risk Explorer gives graphical intuitions to market health as a function of fluctuations.
The Wallets at Risk of Liquidation table displays a per-wallet breakdown of the simulated change, surfacing wallets that will have low health close to or are eligible for liquidation.


The alerts tab offers real-time notifications on Seamless protocol activity, such as significant price fluctuations, substantial liquidations, new whale positions, and more. Each alert links to the corresponding account detail or asset detail pages.

Users can subscribe to these alerts by clicking on the Join Telegram Channel and receive updates directly on Telegram.

Parameter Optimization

This dashboard provides ongoing and automated risk management for the Seamless protocol. Users can access simulation results and detailed information about simulation runs within the portal, making identifying the tradeoffs between specific parameters easier.

Powered by Chaos Labs Agent-Based simulations, this cutting-edge platform is meticulously crafted to identify the optimal equilibrium between capital efficiency and market risk exposure. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and extensive data analysis, the recommendation platform provides users with actionable insights and guidance in setting parameters.

The asset Recommendations tab shows current risk parameters and Chaos Labs’ risk parameter optimization recommendations for the asset.

What's Next

We're excited to work with the growing Seamless community! We support the community with risk and continue building our products to protect the Seamless protocol.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us or reach out on Twitter.