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Chaos Labs Receives AAVE Grant

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  1. Overview
  2. Goals 🏆
    1. Protocol Risk Analysis 👻 📊
    2. User Analysis 👤
  3. What's next? ⏭️
  4. About the AAVE Grant Program


AAVE is a pioneer in decentralized lending and a true blue chip DeFi protocol. As one of the largest lending protocols in the world, currently managing over 9 billion USD, robust risk management applications are required to empower users and developers with reliable, accurate data. This grant will focus on building an AAVE Collateral At Risk and User-Centric Dashboard.

Goals 🏆

This dashboard will focus on real-time user metrics and simulations to understand the value at risk across volatile markets as well as APY earned and paid over time. Users and DAO members will be able to make informed decisions around their personal and protocol-wide positions. Let's break down the features by category.

Protocol Risk Analysis 👻 📊

Tooling and data to empower protocol and stakeholders about broad and market specific risk:

  • Supply and Borrow per EOA
  • Utilization rates per market
  • Supply and Borrow Asset Distribution
  • Value at Risk per market
  • Protocol Reserves Distribution
  • Outstanding debt
  • Accounts at risk of liquidation
  • Contract Event and Analysis

User Analysis 👤

Tooling and data to empower and inform users about their positions:

  • Real-time user metrics dashboard
  • Total origination
  • User Wallet Breakdown and Distribution
  • User Health Scores
  • Value At Risk per EOA
  • Simulations of user health based on asset price drops
  • Tool to see how APY earned/paid on a loan over a specified date range

What's next? ⏭️

The AAVE CCAR (Collateral At Risk) and user dashboard will be available and hosted on Chaos Labs. We're excited to share this publicly 🥳

We look forward to contributing value to AAVE users and the community at large 👻

In the meantime, we invite the community to reach out if they have questions or feature requests for the AAVE Risk and user metrics dashboard.

About the AAVE Grant Program

If you want to learn more about the AAVE Grants Program, check out their blog.