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Oracle Risk Portal

Analyzing Oracle Data

  • Ensuring Platform Integrity with High-Precision Price Feeds

    Protocols necessitate high-precision price feeds to uphold platform integrity while delivering an optimal user experience and minimizing potential avenues of economic exploitation.

  • Securing Oracle Performance with Continuous Monitoring Systems

    Maintain a monitoring system to ensure the continuous performance of the oracle across network deployments.

Analyzing Oracle Security & Price Manipulation Risk


  • Oracle Security

    Support and design algorithms to derive high-fidelity prices delivered to consuming application.

Oracle Risk Portal Features 1
  • Price Manipulation Analysis

    Identify potential economic attack surfaces and continue developing comprehensive models to quantify both the attack cost and potential profits accruable by attackers.

Oracle Risk Portal Features 2

“For perpetual decentralized exchanges, risk management sits at the center of all decision making, having real-time parameter risk updates, and low-latency price feeds functioning is critical to ensuring smooth functioning of markets. The Chaos Labs Risk Portal is an advanced monitoring system that vigilantly oversees value at risk, market manipulation vulnerabilities, price deviations, and the integrity of GMX’s markets. Chaos Labs' platform has been a critical technical contributor, both in design and ongoing maintenance of the safety of these markets.”

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