Risk Monitoring

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Risk Monitoring

Vigilant Monitoring & Alerting Fosters Proactive Risk Management

  • Key Metrics

    Gain real-time access to a comprehensive overview of your protocol, providing a panoramic perspective as it adapts to diverse market conditions.

  • Value at Risk

    Use Chaos Labs’ simulation tooling to calculate the potential bad debt your protocol is exposed to during different market scenarios.

  • Simulate Prices Changes & Different Parameter Configurations

    Visualize the effect that different parameter configurations would have on your platform and understand the risk implications.

Observability Dashboards for Top DeFi Protocols


  • Chaos Labs Risk Platform

    We offer real-time monitoring and alerting services through the Chaos Labs Risk Platform. These services allow users to assess ecosystem risk and protocol health at granular levels using dashboards and data visualizations.

  • Real-Time Data Analysis

    Critical elements of our service include real-time data ingestion and risk assessment, identifying risks, and taking proactive measures to maintain system stability and growth.

Risk Monitoring Features

”The Chaos Labs Risk Portal is essential to our daily risk management, tracking value at risk and guiding data-driven decisions across our markets. Its comprehensive insights and the team's swift updates with new features and alerts have been pivotal for understanding our granular protocol. Highly recommended for any protocol seeking robust risk analysis.”

Danny, BD & Community Lead, Venus Protocol

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