Risk Alerts

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Risk Alerts

Real-Time Notifications to Safeguard Your Protocol

  • Dashboard-Driven Risk and Health Analysis

    Assess ecosystem risk and protocol health at granular levels using dashboards and data visualizations.

  • Dynamic Risk Management for System Integrity

    Real-time data ingestion and risk assessment, identifying risks, and taking proactive measures to maintain system stability and growth.

Keeping Industry-Leading Teams Updated


  • Live Alerting

    Live alerts that cover multiple crucial indicators, providing users with up-to-date information to make informed decisions.

  • Dashboard Alerts

    The Active Alerts section of the page shows all real-time triggered alerts, including the time stamp, severity, specific indicator name, and description.

Risk Alerts Features

”The Chaos Labs Alert Portal is crucial for our risk management. It continuously tracks value at risk and informs our decisions across markets. With Chaos Labs' alerts and anomaly detection, we stay informed on market movements and protocol dynamics, fostering a detailed understanding. It's a must-have for protocols in need of comprehensive risk analysis.”

JD Gagnon, Benqi CEO and Co-Founder

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