Mechanism Design & Economic Security Analysis

Robust protocols are rooted in world-class mechanism design

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Mechanism Design & Economic Security Analysis

Unlock Resilience Through Superior Mechanism Design

  • Securing Protocols for Reliability in Unpredictable Conditions

    At the core of every resilient protocol lies robust mechanism design. Chaos Labs elevates protocol performance and security to withstand black swan events, navigate volatile market conditions, tackle dynamic network congestion, and counteract adversarial threats.

  • Tailoring Innovations for Protocol Growth and Efficiency

    As industry-leading experts, we adapt our research and security solutions to meet your evolving needs, guiding protocols from their initial design phase to mature protocol capital efficiency and optimization.

  • Verifying Stability with Advanced Simulation Techniques

    Get assurances that what you’re building is economically sound and test potential exploits in Chaos Labs’ on-chain simulation environment.

Working with Teams to Fortify Novel Protocol Architectures


  • Foundation for Security and Scalability

    Initiate your journey with top-tier mechanism design to build secure, scalable protocols.

  • Resilient Mechanism Crafting

    Work with Chaos Labs to develop mechanisms that ensure financial security, even amid market volatility and against adversarial threats.

  • Proactive Risk Controls

    From the outset, establish dynamic and effective risk controls that prepare your protocol to face unpredictable challenges confidently.

  • Confidence Through Rigorous Testing

    Gain unparalleled confidence in your protocol's design with our rigorous Agent-Based Monte Carlo simulations, aimed at minimizing risks and enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Audit Value

    Collaborating with Chaos Labs for a Mechanism Design Audit benefits protocol users and appeals to institutional investors, ensuring a robust and trustworthy foundation for your protocol's growth and success.

Chaos Labs Risk Management Features

”Recognizing risk management's pivotal role in Ethena's success, we sought the industry's finest, leading us to choose Chaos Labs. Over several months, Chaos Labs collaborated with us, developing historical models to scrutinize the funding rate and LST marketplace. Their contributions were vital to our genesis design, leaving a significant impact. We highly recommend their expertise!”

Guy L., Founder and CEO, Ethena Labs

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