White-Glove Economic Risk Management

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White-Glove Economic Risk Management

Customised Risk Service Tailored To Your Needs

  • Dedicated Risk Specialist and Governance Lead at Chaos Labs

    At the helm of our community risk initiatives, a dedicated Risk Specialist and Governance Lead from Chaos Labs will steer the efforts to keep our community informed and engaged. Their responsibilities will encompass the regular dissemination of risk updates through forum posts, following any changes in risk parameters, listings of new market assets, or adjustments to the protocol.

  • Unlocking Insights for Protocol Enhancement and Growth

    Our approach centers on delivering White-Glove Economic Risk Management, meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of your protocol. Through this personalized service, we focus on developing strategic solutions for risk mitigation and capital optimization, crucial for ensuring the sustainable growth and robustness of your platform.

A Premium Offering for DeFi’s Top Teams


  • Customized to Your Protocol

    Our service is tailored to provide a white-glove experience, offering collaborative research sessions where we delve deep into your needs and objectives. Additionally, we offer personalized risk management services, ensuring every aspect of your financial strategy is meticulously crafted to suit your unique requirements and goals.

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  • War-Rooms

    We facilitate dedicated war-room sessions for our clients, fostering an environment of intense collaboration and strategic planning. These sessions serve as crucial moments for real-time decision-making, ensuring swift and effective responses to challenges and opportunities in the market landscape.

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Bored Ghosts Developing

”Chaos Labs is an outstanding team in the risk management field. After working closely with them for two years, I can only praise their quality of delivery, models of analysis, innovation and flexibility on a high-stakes system like Aave, where they have played a key role.”

Ernesto Boado, BGD Labs co-founder, former Aave CTO

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