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Chaos Risk Dashboard Launches Live Alerts for Real-Time Risk Management

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In September 2022, Chaos Labs launched the AAVE v3 Risk Dashboard, followed by the BENQI Risk Dashboard in November 2022. These dashboards focused on collateral at risk, real-time user metrics, and simulations to understand the value at risk across volatile markets and APY earned and paid over time. Today, we are sharing the latest update to the dashboards - live alerts that cover multiple crucial indicators, providing users with up-to-date information to make informed decisions.


Given the rapidly evolving nature of the cryptocurrency industry, remaining current with the latest developments can be the difference between earning a profit or experiencing a loss. The Chaos Risk Dashboard is an indispensable tool for individuals looking to manage risk and make informed decisions based on data. The dashboard offers live alerts, enabling users to stay abreast of critical indicators in real time.

The Aave v3 Risk Dashboard and BENQI Risk Dashboard are the first to feature the new live alerts. Aave v3 alerts cover price changes, liquidations, and asset utilization, while BENQI alerts cover price changes, borrow caps, and asset utilization.

Dashboard Alerts

A new page has been added to both dashboards that display active and past alerts, allowing users to track critical indicators as they happen.

The Active Alerts section of the page shows all real-time triggered alerts, including the time stamp, severity, specific indicator name, and description. A link to the related asset overview is also provided for further review.

Users can switch to view all active and past alerts by toggling the upper right to the All Alerts section.

Messaging Platform Alerts

In addition to the new page on the dashboard, we also introduced support for different messaging platforms, allowing users to receive push notifications directly into their existing workflows.

Currently, the Chaos Risk Dashboard supports:

  • Telegram (AAVE - BENQI)
  • Slack
  • Discord (coming soon)

This means that users can receive live alerts on their preferred messaging platform, ensuring they can respond to critical indicators immediately.

Next Steps

We are committed to providing our users the best possible experience at Chaos Labs. To this end, we plan to add support for additional messaging platforms and extend the new live alerts feature to the Aave v2 Risk Dashboard. With these updates, users can stay up-to-date with critical indicators and make informed decisions no matter where or what they do. We welcome users to explore this new feature and share their feedback. To get in touch, don't hesitate to get in touch with us on Twitter or via email at /

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