Design Liquidity Incentive Programs

Build a liquidity incentive program tailored to your platform goals, driving sustainable growth and user engagement

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Design Liquidity Incentive Programs

Driving Sustainable Growth

  • Incentivizing Sustainable Growth and Engagement

    Create a tailored rewards system that encourages users to provide liquidity, fostering steady protocol growth and maintaining active participation by offering well-defined incentives and lasting rewards that align with the protocol's long-term objectives.

  • Liquidity Incentive Programs Customized to Your Objectives

    Design an incentives program aimed at bolstering your DeFi protocol's liquidity, focusing on specific targets such as boosting exchange volume or increasing daily active user count.

Optimize Liquidity Incentive Emissions


  • Incentives Optimization Recommendations

    Leverage Chaos Labs cloud infra to generate ongoing recommendations on how to best allocative incentives and rewards, to maximize business results.

Design Liquidity Incentive Programs Features 1
  • Incentives Analytics

    Give your LPs the tools they need to understand how incentive changes impact their yield.

Design Liquidity Incentive Programs Features 2

“Optimism’s mission is centered on a commitment to our users, ensuring the Optimism ecosystem is constantly evolving to meet the highest standards of security and interoperability. With this mission at the core of everything that we do, ushering in a smooth transition from bridged USDC to the native USDC standard was incredibly important for us to accomplish. We understood that we could not take on this task alone, so we sought the help of Chaos Labs because of their established reputation and expertise in facilitating complex DeFi initiatives such as this one. Throughout the engagement, Chaos Labs was flexible to our distinct needs and demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, using clear frameworks to execute the USDC migration without a hitch. The success of the incentive program is a clear indicator of the deeply rooted partnership now established between Optimism and Chaos Labs.”

Mark E., Optimism DeFi Lead

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