Measure Incentive Impact

Gain comprehensive insight into how your incentive program is influencing protocol expansion from every angle

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Measure Incentive Impact

Evaluating Program Performance

  • Visualizing Growth: Incentives and Liquidity Correlation

    Utilize the portal's data visualizations to compare liquidity changes over time, assessing how incentives correlate with platform growth and user activity spikes.

  • Tracking Engagement Impact Through Incentive Analysis

    Leverage the monitoring portal to track user participation metrics pre and post-incentive implementation, revealing the program's direct influence on engagement levels.

A Real-Time View of Incentive Impact and Protocol Growth


  • Liquidity Incentive Portal

    We can only optimize what we can measure. The portal's goal is to represent a publicly available source of truth, allowing us to measure the efficacy of reward distributions while enabling community members to verify the activity of accounts receiving rewards.

Measure Incentive Impact Leaderboard

“The Osmosis Incentives program is a key part of the Osmosis protocol. Working w/ Chaos Labs, we've been able to design and implement an algorithm that optimizes the incentives given to Liquidity Providers. This work will pave the way for Osmosis to innovate its incentives process while remaining the Cosmos Ecosystem's primary DEX.”

Hathor Nodes

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