Wash Trading Detection

Chaos Labs introduces an innovative wash trading detection platform, design to promote fair and genuine trading

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Wash Trading Detection

Chaos Labs Wash Trading Detection Module

  • Identifying Collusive Behaviors with Wash Trading Detection

    The Chaos Labs wash trading detection module identifies trading patterns that result in a minimal ownership change, which is indicative of collusive activities.

  • Discerning Organic from Manipulative Trading with Behavioral Analysis

    The module conducts a thorough analysis of all trades, employing behavioural filters to distinguish between organic and manipulative trading behaviours.


  • Trade Graph Analysis

    Identifies cyclical trading patterns using graph algorithms, pinpointing collusion with high precision.

  • Rigorous Detection

    Employs strict criteria to detect wash trades by analyzing ownership changes and trade volume.

  • Algorithmic Insights

    Utilizes advanced algorithms for detecting potential wash trading, enhancing scrutiny on suspicious activities.

  • Optimized Parameters

    Balances detection efficiency and false positive minimization, ensuring a fair trading environment.

Our platform ensures transparency and integrity in trading activities, securing a trustworthy ecosystem on the dYdX Chain.

Chaos Labs Wash Trading Detection Features

“Navigating liquidity incentive distribution in DeFi is challenging. Chaos Labs expertly balanced competitiveness and sustainability in our liquidity programs, ensuring attractive staking rewards and equitable distribution among participants. Their innovative approaches in both Maker and Taker Incentives have effectively democratized rewards and incentivized larger trades, enhancing the integrity and appeal of our trading ecosystem.”

Darius Tabai, Vertex CEO & Cofounder

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