Blockchain Engineer (Tel Aviv)

Position Description

Position Description
Chaos Lab's mission is to secure the future of finance. We’re looking for a Blockchain engineer who can help us build the best and most scalable web3 risk platform available.

At Chaos Labs, we’re developing a cloud security platform for DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocols through run-time simulations. We work with protocols to automate economic security, risk management, parameter selection optimization, and battle test protocols through the most chaotic (🤗) market conditions. Our platform and tools are used by leading protocols, helping them manage and secure over 50 Billion in assets.

Chaos Labs was founded by ex-Facebook, Apple, Instagram, Amazon, and Microsoft engineers, being 8200 (Israeli Cyber Intelligence) and Technion alumni. We’re looking for curious, hungry people to join the team and help define the security and risk stack of the future.


  • Our Blockchain team is responsible for researching DeFi protocols and Blockchain technologies, planning & building real on-chain simulations - modeling user behavior and personas, implementing reusable generic scenarios like Black Thursday and doomsday events, and helping set the direction for the simulation platform. 
  • Responsibilities - Research:

  • Research DeFi protocols for market risk and pain points by understanding the inner workings of the economic and code mechanics
  • Investigate and analyze past user behavior in correlation to DeFi protocols and markets - use the research to model coded agents to replicate and predict future outcomes
  • Understand how different DeFi primitives compare and interact with each other to better represent their relationships in Chaos’ simulation environment
  • Walk platform engineering team through technical challenges of on-chain and simulation development
  • Responsibilities - Simulations & Analysis:

  • Code reusable smart contracts, agents, and scenarios through cutting-edge frameworks and common Crypto infrastructure to compose simulations that predict the outcome of any market condition
  • Work closely with protocol partners to build real-world simulations that help optimize and protect their platform with usable analytical outputs
  • Iterate on the simulation environment to increase possible complexity to better mimic the on-chain environment (i.e. MEV, arbitrage agents, transaction latency, etc.)
  • Requirements:

  • 2+ years of experience writing smart contracts, working on DeFi or Blockchain project development (professionally or personally)
  • 4+ years of professional experience in Infrastructure/Backend Services
  • Deep understanding of distributed systems and challenges
  • Experience writing in Solidity, Typescript, and Python
  • Deep understanding of and passion for DeFi paradigms and economic models
  • Demonstrated experience working in self-managed, fast-paced environments