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Drive maximum economic impact with on-chain incentive programs.

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Chaos Labs Incentives Optimization
  • Boost your Total Value Locked (TVL) by optimizing fees and incentives
  • Verify your capital allocation strategy via Chaos Labs, allowing you to empower your community
  • Provide targeted incentives and long-term rewards for sustainable growth and user engagement

Top Teams Optimize Capital Efficiency with Chaos



  • Incentives Optimization Recommendations

    Leverage Chaos Labs cloud infra to generate ongoing recommendations on how to best allocate incentives and rewards, to maximize business results.

Incentive Optimization Features 1
  • Incentives Analytics

    Get Clarity from the Chaos, and give your LPs the tools they need to understand how incentive changes impact their yield.

Incentive Optimization Features 2

"The Osmosis Incentives program is a key part of the Osmosis protocol. Working w/ Chaos Labs, we've been able to design and implement an algorithm that optimizes the incentives given to Liquidity Providers. This work will pave the way for Osmosis to innovate its incentives process while remaining the Cosmos Ecosystem's primary DEX.”

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