Risk Management

Prepare and protect against real market risk using Chaos Labs’ simulations and automated risk suite to safeguard user funds.

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Chaos Labs Risk Management
  • Utilize world-class simulations to optimize parameters and ensure the safety of user funds
  • Access a comprehensive understanding of your protocol and unlock insights into each user account
  • Confidently onboard new assets by automating the collection and analysis of key markets data around assets

Securing Industry-Leading Protocols



  • Parameter Recommendations

    Gain actionable insights on how shifts in your parameter settings will impact protocol revenue, capital efficiency, and user accounts.

  • Protocol Risk Dashboard

    A macro view on your protocol’s economic well-being as well as user positions, ensuring you always have a view on risk exposures.

  • New Asset Support

    Make informed decisions around adding new assets, comprehensively weighing the economic risk and opportunity

  • Economic Analysis

    Get assurances that what you’re building is economically sound and test potential exploits in Chaos Labs’ on-chain simulation environment.

Chaos Labs Risk Management Features

Chaos Labs Risk Management solutions are based on our state of the art simulations technology

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